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Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!


  • Tumor

“Referred to Dr Hugate for a bone tumor. Was highly recommended. Turned out to not be life threatening. Felt very secure with him. Nice man, knowledgeable. He put me at ease right away. I had to wait a little while, but he was worth it. He did not rush and did not rush me. Great doctor and his credentials are outstanding!”

Daniel V.

  • Hip Replacement

“Dr. Hugate replaced my hip 3 years ago and I couldn't be happier. The surgery went well and I'm active again WITHOUT the pain. He and his team are great. I highly recommend!”

Jim W.

  • Hip replacement Re-do

“I was referred to Doctor Hugate after my hip replacement started to hurt. He and his staff found the problem right away and were able to recommend a solution. The surgery was over 3 years ago now and I'm doing great. Hip is fixed and I have no pain. Dr. Hugate listens to his patients and has a great bedside manner. Highly recommend him and his team.”


  • surgery, femur

“Dr. Hugate is awesome. Our son is developmentally disabled. He went for 6 mos with undiagnosed fx of femur even with his family begging for help. Dr. Hugate did surgery to correct the fx...very complicated surgery. Son doing very well. Dr. H. is brilliant and incredibly kind. thank God for him.”

Don R

  • Wife Hemipalvectomy

“DR. HUGATE Removed my wife's leg, hip and pelvis to remove a bone cancer. Without this operation she was given less than six months to live. Joan lived a pretty good life for three and a half years and got to hold two new great grandsons and attend two grandchildren and one daughter's's weddings. Dr.Hugate is a hero to our family. Thank you for your talent! Don ”

W. Jones

  • Revision Knee replacement

“I wanted to thank you for what you have done for me, I never thought I would get better and I owe it to you... after many trips to doctors here no luck. Thanks to you I am back to riding my bike, hiking, and chasing my kids around, you rock! I will never forget what you have done from me and my family.


  • Broken humurous and bone graft

“I was eventually referred to Dr. Hugate a year after I broke my arm and the first surgery didn't fix the problem. On the first visit Dr. Hugate knew what to do. I admit that after going a year without my bone healing and in pain, I was not real eager to try a Dr. I didn't know or go through another surgery. I was so close to calling off the surgery. We all know there are no guarantees with surgery. Two days before the surgery, I finally committed to myself to go through with it. Five months later, my bone had grown back together and I could use it again. Thank you so much. By the way, the turning point for me was when I talked to a sister of one of Dr. Hugates patients. Other Dr.'s had told her brother he needed to have his leg amputated. Dr. Hugate did surgery and he now has full use of his leg. ”

Clara A

  • Arm Surgery

“Dr. Hugate is AMAZING!!

I highly recommend him to everyone!

He is truly knowledgeable and truly wants to help his patients. I came to Dr. Hugate after 3 previous surgeries on my arm and no doctor could fix the problem and some didn't even know what the problem was. After Dr. Hugate did the surgery on my arm, I haven't felt any pain and it has been months. I am very grateful that someone recommended Dr. Hugate to me!

Thank you Dr! ”


  • Total Knee Replacements

“Dr. Hugate gave me a chance on a life without constant pain in my legs. I am 58 years old and could not get an Orthopedic Surgeon to even consider Knee Replacements due to my age and having RA. I have had constant pain and Knee's that would go out of joint just turning over in bed. For the last 24 years of my life I would have draining of my Knee's and Cortisone shots every few month's. I have a new lease on life and will forever be eternally grateful for his expertise and knowledge of operating on me. My life will be better every day because of the chance he took on me. The Staff of Dr. Hugate is outstanding from his Surgical Team to his Office Staff and will treat you as if you are the only person they have to care for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ”

rebecca strobel

  • skin cancer
rebecca strobel's photo

“No better doctor than Dr. Hugate. True professional, kind, works with vets and is just such a truly awesome person. I feel grateful that I was referred to him and that he was able to remove the cancer from my leg. Forever in his debt.”

Nettie R

  • Total Knee Replacement/Revision

“I was referred to Dr. Hugate from my Neurosurgeon Dr. Barolat. I went to Dr. Hugate for a 2nd opinion on a Partial Knee Replacement that was performed less than 2 years ago and have been in constant pain. Dr. Hugate is wonderful, knowledgable and extremely patient focused. I needed to have a Total Knee Replacement because of loosening of the previous prothesis (not performed by Dr. Hugate). He was very thorough with my surgery just performed 3 weeks ago. I'm devastated that he is no longer with this practice, I wanted to switch my orthopedic care to him. If he is still practicing and you find Dr. Hugate I highly recommend him, he is awesome!”

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