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José Villa Señor, CSA

Certified Surgical Assistant

José Villa Señor is a Certified Surgical Assistant who has worked with Dr. Hugate for the past five years. He hails from Center, Colorado where he was state runner-up for wrestling as a high school senior. José attended Cambridge College and The National Institute for First Assistants at the University of Southern Nevada. He is a member of the American Board of Surgical Assistants. José has extensive experience in the Operating Room to include previous work as a surgical scrub tech. Fluent in Spanish, José’s work ethic and dedication to patient care are second to none. He brings experience to the OR from the fields of general surgery, transplant surgery, and trauma surgery.

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José Villa-Senor, CSA

José Villa SeÑor, CSA

José Villa Señor works as Dr. Hugate’s surgical assistant at Colorado Limb Consultants.