Ronald R. Hugate, Jr. MD, FAAOS
1601 East 19th Avenue, Suite 3300, Denver, CO 80218
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Mark Mauries, CSA

Certified Surgical Assistant

Mark Mauries is a certified Surgical Assistant and a Native of Colorado who has been assisting Dr. Hugate in the operating room for over 6 years. He is best known for his reliability, strong work ethic, attention to detail, and steady demeanor during difficult procedures.

Mark spent 24 years in the United States Navy, retiring in 2007 as a Chief Petty Officer in his role there as a medical Corpsman. He is multitalented and holds certifications microvascular surgery as well as surgical robotics. When not in the OR, mark enjoys spending time with his family and motor sports.

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José Villa-Senor, CSA

Mark Mauries, CSA

Mark Mauries works as Dr. Hugate’s surgical assistant at Colorado Limb Consultants.